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Boudoir Photography is an expression of each individuals elegance. Our aim is to create a work of art with the natural shapes and lighting with our models. A womans body is a complex and beautiful form and we want to capture each unique curve and shadow to relay her beauty outwardly. At Elegance we hope to make you feel beautiful inside and out. To walk away with a sense of excitement and confidence within yourself. We will use our creative abilites to retouch all imperfections to enhance your natural beauty and we have hopes that this will be a fun experience and the gift of a lifetime for you and your significant other!


Permission was given to the photographers before any photos were posted for any public viewing. There is an option given for those who prefer to keep theirs completely private and solely viewed for personal use. You must be 18 years or older to participate in a session and sign a contract stating you understand what Elegance is all about and what the purpose of the photographs are for.